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We are a new growing company in Agro Raw Materials Production for Industrial uses. We are specialised in the production of Irvingia gabonensis seed oil, butter and powder for Cosmetic and Food Industries. We do also sell the seeds and produce other plant raw materials in accordance to their use in alliance with their traditional origin and production method for industrial uses. We also have best contacts to plant raw materials from Africa and their producers.
We sell Irvingia gabonensis seed oil for use in Cosmetic and Food Industries as sources of Proteins, Vitamins, essential Amino acids, Triglycerides, Phospholipids, Stabiliser and Thickener. This seed and it’s oil is comparable to that of Soybean.
The economic advantage of the seed to soybean is that the price is stable compared to soybean due to the present unpopularity of the seed. But, this will be in the next couple of years different because popularity and uses of the seed is growing day after day.  
We guarantee the quality, flavour and taste of the seed and it’s products for use in Cosmetic and Food Industries. The quality is 100% and therefore free from solvents and other chemicals.
Let your Company be one of the first to invest in this wonderful natural product. We are still looking for investors and buyers all over the world. If your are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us through the under mentioned contact addresses.